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Braces in Palm Beach

Clear vs. Traditional Braces in Palm Beach

Braces in Palm Beach

Braces in Palm Beach

Clear braces were developed to address the cosmetic concerns that cause people to drag their feet when it comes to getting the orthodontic attention that they need. And while they have clear aesthetic advantages, there are other pluses that they have to offer. Here at Freedman & Haas Orthodontics, we know you’re going to be pleased with the results you get no matter which version of our braces in Palm Beach you end up using.

Traditional braces are made from metal. They have been around for pretty much as long as people have been getting their teeth straightened. However, traditional braces today are more visually appealing than the ones of the past. They are also more lightweight. And our braces in Palm Beach continue to offer the very best when it comes to realigning your teeth into a more ideal position. If your teeth straightening challenges are particularly difficult, it’s possible that traditional braces will be the only good option. For many other people, though, the question is one between clear vs. traditional braces. Aside from having braces that no one else knows you are wearing, going clear can mean greater comfort. That’s because they are made of plastic instead of the metal used in traditional braces. Mouth soreness or irritation are not a concern. They are also removable. Take them out only to brush, floss, and eat. However, you can enjoy all of your favorite foods, even the crunchy ones. There are no restrictions as is the case with metal braces. Your oral hygiene routine will also be more effective minus an obstacle in the way.

Our braces in Palm Beach, both clear and traditional, are responsible for a more attractive smile, and healthier teeth and jaws. Contact our office and set up a time for a consultation. Find out whether clear or traditional braces are the best choice for you.

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Palm Beach Orthodontist

Orthodontics in Palm Beach

Palm Beach orthodontist

Palm Beach orthodontist

At our orthodontics practice we provide treatment for children, teens, and adults. Today, orthodontic care is appropriate at all different ages, with more adult patients than ever before coming to visit our Palm Beach orthodontist, Dr. Douglas Freedman or Dr. Sharon Haas.

We provide many different types of orthodontic treatment, as well as treatment with different braces options. Our Palm Beach orthodontist at Freedman & Haas Orthodontics, will first assess your individual smile situation and let you know which type of treatment option will work best for you. Parents are urged to bring in their children aged between seven and 11 so that they too can receive an evaluation by our orthodontist. Today, it is common for young children to receive orthodontic care so that they will need to have less involved care later on, when they are a teen. Interceptive orthodontic care may involve influencing the growth of the jaws so that they will be able to accommodate all of the teeth that have yet to erupt. This type of treatment is much easier when the child is young, and the jaw is still growing. For our teen patients and adults, we offer many different types of braces options. Many of our adult patients enjoy treatment with Invisalign because they are able to have their teeth straightened without the use of wires or brackets on their teeth. We also offer other braces options. Metal braces are still the most common types of braces. However, the brackets are much smaller than ever before so they are now much more comfortable and attractive. Ceramic braces are a popular treatment option for teens who do not want to wear traditional metal braces. They are made of clear materials and are much less visible on your teeth than metal braces. We also offer lingual braces which are hidden behind the teeth and cannot be seen when you smile. They are a great option for athletes, people in the public eye, and adult professionals.

To meet with our Palm Beach orthodontist, contact our office and let them know you would like an orthodontic consultation.

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